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Everything You Need to Know Before Buying a Fertiliser & Grain Storage Shed

Safely and securely store your fertilisers with a shed specially designed to prevent product and environmental contamination.

Your bulk fertilisers require specialised and separate storage facilities. With features like sliding roofs for easy handling and loading of fertiliser, and decades of experience in the agricultural industry, Wheatbelt Steel can provide valuable advice and custom designs according to  your needs. 

Download this guide now to learn about:

  • the options available when it comes to design and installation of grain and fertiliser storage sheds

  • standard storage shed features

  • engineering drawings of past fertiliser and grain shed projects

  • details of optional features such as canopies, tilt panels, door types, crane, insulation, mezzanines, and skylights

  • types of ventilation available for your grain and fertiliser shed

  • the differences between structural steel and the more common C Purlin steel sheds

  • a case study of how Wheatbelt Steel delivered a quality grain storage shed solution for a WA business

All The Options You Need

Our sheds are available in any size, and can be designed and built with various options, including cantilever canopies, column removal, concrete flooring and panels, various doors and opening types, gutters and downpipes, mezzanines, skylights, and ventilation.

Have any questions about proper grain and fertiliser storage? We can help. Fill out the form on the right!
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Download the Fertiliser and Grain Storage Shed Guide now!