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Workshop Shed
Workshop Sheds

A workshop is the hub of your farming operation. Think of your workshop as being your office, so make it a space that is enjoyable for you to spend time in and practical so it enhances you . . . view this product

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Machinery Sheds

Your farming operation cannot operate without farm equipment and machinery. Our sheds help extend the life of your essential machinery by sheltering them from the harsh Australian elements . . . view this product

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Fertiliser / Grain Sheds

Our reliable and long-lasting fertiliser sheds give you the storage capacity so you can bulk buy fertiliser upfront at a lower cost, then store it safely until it is needed.

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Hay Shed-1
Hay Sheds

Our hay sheds make it easy to safely store your harvested hay in optimum conditions, to preserve its quality and market value.

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Shearing Shed
Shearing Sheds

Our robust shearing sheds provide a safe, comfortable and efficient workspace for your shearers and flock, ensuring fast and standards-compliant processing.

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Equestrian Shed
Equestrian Arenas

Your horse riding can be enjoyed in any weather with an equestrian arena. Wheatbelt Steel's Equestrian Arenas can be fully custom designed to suit your exact needs and situation.

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Poultry Sheds

Keep your poultry shielded from the weather and protected from predators with Wheatbelt Steel’s poultry sheds. It’s easy to control key factors like temperature, air quality and humidity w . . . view this product

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Aircraft Hangars

Wheatbelt Steel has built an array of structural steel aircraft hangers in all wind regions of WA. Our hangars are designed, fabricated and built to your individual needs. From helicopters . . . view this product

Optional Extras
Optional Extras

Wheatbelt Steel offers a wide range of optional extras that add to the utility, safety and comfort of your sheds, according to your individual needs. Talk to us about adding these features . . . Find out more

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