10 Benefits of a Structural Steel Indoor Riding Arena

DATE POSTED: Jul 3, 2017 10:30:00 AM
POSTED BY: Sarah Heaphy

Though many horse riders take advantage of the nice riding weather, an indoor riding arena will give you the chance to ride, no matter what the weather looks like outside. There are many larger boarding facilities which already have an indoor arena, though if you are not one of them, you should really start thinking about the benefits of building one.

Here are the benefits of having a structural steel indoor riding arena.

  • An indoor riding arena is a dream come true! Many people dream of being able to ride, no matter the weather. With an indoor arena that has lights, you could even ride early in the morning or at night when it is dark.
  • Competitive horses can stay in shape all year-round. Many competitors feel like they have to start fresh every spring. If you have an indoor arena, you can train all year round so your horse is beyond ready when the spring show season starts!
  • An indoor arena is a sound investment. Serious horsemen and women look for a boarding facility that has an indoor arena. If your stalls are not full, they surely will be once you build your arena. Though you may worry about spending the money, fuller stalls and more lessons will offset this quickly.
  • You can also give lessons all year-round and no matter what the weather. You will be able to continue lessons during the winter and even in the summer during the hot part of the day. You can still teach when it is rainy. Less lessons cancelled means more money in your pocket.
  • It also means that your students will improve steadily (and without the winter gap). Since your students can have lessons every week, no matter what the weather, they will continue to grow as riders and improve. If they show, they will be able to practice more and do better on the show circuit.
  • Horses and riders feel more secure in an indoor arena. Many horses and riders can feel uneasy while practicing. However, in the safety of an indoor arena, they may feel a little more confident, which can lead to working harder.
  • There is less distraction inside. Both horses and riders can easily be distracted while riding outside. An indoor arena is great for skittish and green horses who are unsure about everything. The same can be said for distracted riders. If they are constantly looking around, they are not going to be paying good attention. 
  • Most indoor arenas have an area for students and parents to watch. Students learn well from watching each other. Also parents can watch their children riding during lessons and between.
  • If you hang mirrors, they can even watch themselves riding. With mirrors, riders can constantly watch their form (as well as their horse) in order to make sure that they are riding as well as they can.
  • Better footings means less risk of injury. Footings are very important in a riding arena. However, the footings in an outdoor arena can quickly change with the weather. After a good rain, it may be too hard for your horse’s feet. However, with indoor arenas, the footings are covered so it always stays nice and fluffy which is good protection against injury.

Riding arenas are great. However, when the weather is not cooperating (or you are working late), an indoor arena will ensure that you get the riding in that you want. You can ride more often so that you and your horse are always in shape.

Often, they are great for starting green horses because they are safe and without distraction. The same could be said with some riders. Indoor arenas are also great selling points for boarding facilities. People are more likely to board where they can ride every day!

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