Everything You Need to Know When Building a Structural Steel Farm Shed

DATE POSTED: Jun 12, 2017 10:30:00 AM
POSTED BY: Sarah Heaphy

As a farmer you are a unique man. Connected to the land, possibly back through generations, you must also be a savvy businessman. You have taken on the responsibility for the future enterprise and you must also evaluate necessary improvements and changes.

One typical need that is a wise investment is replacing older buildings or expanding operations with a new steel farm shed. The choices and prices involved in this decision seem overwhelming. How do you make the best decision when it comes to purchasing and constructing a new building that will meet the needs of your business? 

When tasked with maintaining a farm, there are two main considerations when making the decision to build a new farm shed. These two important considerations can be summed up in two major questions:

1. What is your purpose?                                                                                                

2. What is your plan?

Purpose for Building

The type of shed and the quality of materials required can vary widely depending on your purpose for building. Adequate storage and protection are essential for the care and maintenance of your assets. Is your main priority housing valuable vehicles, machinery, and equipment? The dimensions and strength necessary will be specific to your machinery inventory. Perhaps your main goal is environmental regulation of seed, hay, or produce. How much protection you need from the elements could affect the type of materials or building design you need. Do you hope to improve the overall aesthetics of your land and property to increase their value and attract quality workers? You may desire a higher quality of outside materials to improve the visual appeal of the farm's outbuildings. Defining the purpose for a specific farm shed can definitely impact the shed buying process and your satisfaction with the finished product. 

Short-Term and Long-Term Plan

Your plan when purchasing a farm shed consists of the immediate plans for the purchase and construction, but they also must include a long-term component that fits inside your overall farm business plan. Immediate considerations for purchase include negotiating the price, designing the building plan, and executing the building plan.

This is where the process can be painful. High costs and extended construction on your property can delay your decision-making process, but they do not need to. Here are 4 steps to help you navigate the process:

  • Plan the dimensions and capacity of your shed by measuring up front. 
  • Future-proof your shed, by projecting needs for the next 1-3 years.
  • Budget, making sure to calculate the payback investment to help justify the cost.
  • Clarify the building timeframe allowing for Shire planning approval (6 weeks), engineering drawing (2 weeks), fabrication drawings (1 week), shed fabrication (4 weeks), and shed delivery and erecting (1 week).

Educating yourself about the process of buying a farm shed will help you understand what is required from you during the process, including what approvals you will need, what type of foundation you will need depending on the land, and what machinery may be required throughout the shed-building process. But you must remember that your new farm shed is an investment. You want to find a building that is a good value and will still be valuable to your farm's operation several years from now, not just a temporary storage solution. Find out How Much a Cheap Shed will Cost you in the Long Run!

Your Partner’s in the Process

You want to find a company that will help you through all the stages of building your new farm shed and will offer the quality and value you are looking for within your given budget. As an experienced and reputable company, Wheatbelt Steel will help simplify the approval process with local government and provide you honest, up-front estimates of costs and timetables.

After estimating the dimensions needed for a new farm shed and preparing an estimated budget based on planned expansions to your farm over the next five years, you are ready to begin the process. Contact Wheatbelt Steel to help navigate the process and establish the best price for your farm shed. Possibly in as little as 8 – 12 weeks, you could have an attractive new steel farm shed as a necessary and proud addition to the farm. 

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