5 Steps to ensure you’re on time, on budget and quality of your shed.

DATE POSTED: May 22, 2017 10:30:00 AM
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Building a steel shed for your farm comes with several considerations. On the one hand, you need a reliable construction to store your hay, materials, and more. On the other hand, you need to make sure that the price, timeline, and quality of the shed meets your needs and requirements.

Fortunately, a strategic process can help to ensure a balance between both above. Once you understand and gather the information for everything you need to know when building a farm shed, you can feel confident knowing that the construction will proceed on time and on budget.

1) Be Focused: Know the Purpose of your Shed – Upfront.

Your first consideration should include the main purpose of the completed project. Are you planning to use it for housing farm machinery? Are you looking to provide better facilities ahead of seeding time? Are you simply looking to build a hay shed, or do your motives go deeper, such as improving the environment to attract quality workers?

The purpose of your shed can make a significant difference in changing the scope, budget, and timeline of the project. The earlier you know it, the better you can adjust your buying process to make sure the finished projects can match your expectations.

2) Be Pre-Planned: Know the Dimensions and Capacity of Your Shed – Early.

Once you know the general purpose of your farm shed, you can begin to determine the exact size and capacity you will need to achieve that purpose. Your preferred location, as well as your budget and the intended purpose, all help to determine the space you need. Measure up front to be as exact as possible.

Again, gathering and preparing this information early is key. All the future steps in buying and building the farm shed will depend on this information. Ideally, try to plan a few years in advance, such as estimating what machinery you might buy in the future to compensate for any necessary changes in your shed after initial project completion.

3) Be Smart: Think Long Term Price, and Calculate Payback Investment.

Naturally, the price of the project should be a major consideration point. You need to understand the cost, which helps you better estimate your potential options.

Try to think long-term, which includes calculating the payback investment and time frames. The initial cost might be substantial, but a cheap farm shed may also result in an opportunity cost if your needs expand and you need to build again in future years.

4) Be Time Conscious: Develop a Project Timeframe to Build the Farm Shed.

Time expectations are crucial to a successful shed construction project. Before starting the process, it makes sense to fully understand of the various milestones and stages needed for a successful project. Read our 3 Ways to Save Money When Purchasing Your Farm Shed.

Shire planning approval, engineering drawings, fabrication drawings, and the fabrication itself might take up to 10 weeks each (and 40 weeks in total) to complete. Shed delivery and erection, in the meantime, takes approximately 10 days. Ask the firm with whom you work for a project timeline, which can help you understand the scope of the project and an idea of when you need to start the process.

5) Be Mindful: Understand Your Responsibilities Throughout the Shed Buying and Building Process

Buying and building a farm shed is not as simple as making a choice and handing it of. You will retain several responsibilities, such as development approval from your local Australian council.

You might also be responsible for the paddock or flat ground, and a potential concrete base on which the shed will sit. In addition, you might be expected to contribute any machinery needed throughout the build process. Again, it makes sense to talk to your construction partner to make sure you know your responsibilities once the project begins.

Building a Farm Shed that Meets Your Needs

When buying, and building a farm shed, it's crucial to understand the core elements required, while also knowing what to look for to save money and see a quick positive return on investment for the budget you spent. Plan and prepare early, as you can save money throughout the process and cut back on time to completion. To learn more about what it takes to build a cheap and reliable farm shed, download the Ultimate Shed Buyers Guide.

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