What a cheap farm shed will cost you in the long run

DATE POSTED: Apr 10, 2017 10:30:00 AM
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Purchasing a farm shed requires a lot of thought and consideration. It is a large investment and you want to be sure that any product you buy will deliver efficiencies and productivity increases for your business. That’s why a low-cost shed may not always be the best solution.

In the famous words of 19th Century poet and art critic John Ruskin: ‘It's unwise to pay too much, but it's worse to pay too little ... have enough to pay for something better.’

It’s timeless advice for farmers who may be looking at purchasing a new shed, and are tempted by the lost cost of some of the cheaper shed options. With the increase in the number of imported sheds on the market, its becoming more important than ever to understand the downsides of these cheaper sheds and realise that buying a shed that is Australian made can actually be the smarter choice. 

While it’s easy to be tempted by a low price tag, the reality is that a cheap shed can end up costing you so much more in the long run. Here’s why:


It’s simple business: to make their products cheaper, a manufacturer has to cut corners somewhere in the production line. This is especially true for cheaper imported sheds, which aren’t built to withstand our harsh climate or to comply with Australia’s high structural standards. As a result these imported sheds can often be much lower quality which can cause countless issues and result in you spending more money on maintenance and upkeep. As these sheds are manufactured overseas they just don't meet the high standards of structural steel sheds built here in Australia. 

It’s common for these cheaper sheds to warp, rust, dent and peel in as little as one season! For something that is so important for your farm, quality is very important. Think about it, for the cost of numerous cheap replacement sheds you could instead purchase one high-quality one that will last longer and be designed specifically for your needs.


The farming sector is punishing on its associated machinery and infrastructure. To make your investments worthwhile, you have to know that you will get sustained, long term use out of them.

Sadly this isn’t the case for cheap sheds, which can start to fail almost as soon as they are installed. To run your farm properly you need a reliable steel shed that will fulfill your specific needs, be durable and secure enough to protect your machinery, equipment or products and will hold up in the harsh Australian climate; standing the test of time. Find out more about the features of structural steel sheds and the cost of these with our quote checklist

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Peace Of Mind

While it’s easy to talk about the financial downsides of bargain sheds, what’s harder to quantify is the mental toll of having cheap infrastructure. Your farm is your livelihood, and if you rely on a cheap shed to store and protect the machinery that provides for you and your family, it’s sure to give you some sleepless nights. On top of this having to go through the  whole process of purchasing a new shed every season or two can be a laborious and time consuming task that will wear you down, and take time away from when you could be doing more important tasks.

Time And Productivity

Sure the outlay for a cheap shed might be lower, but if it doesn’t perform the job you require, what could it cost in you lost time and productivity?

If important equipment is inaccessible, or key machines still have to sit outside because they don’t fit in your lower cost shed, it’s possible that you’ll actually be running at a net loss, and those initial savings will be swallowed up by inefficiency across the business.

Protecting your equipment and making sure your farm has the best opportunity to be productive is extremely important. Don't risk ruining your expensive equipment with  a shed that doesn't perform the tasks you need it to. Plan ahead and purchase a steel shed that will meet your needs and will protect your assets from the harsh Australian climate. 

Risk of Damage or Injury

The fact is that cheap sheds simply haven’t had to meet the same rigorous testing and quality controls as high quality Australian-made steel sheds. Imported sheds in particular aren’t tested in Australian conditions and have a greater risk of structural failure, which can have disastrous consequences if they collapse. 

There is also some conjecture as to whether or not insurance companies would honour claims based on goods damaged by a non-compliant shed. It is best not risk it and always use an Australian manufacturer and purchase a high quality steel shed that is designed to meet your specific needs. In the long run this will end up being cheaper and result in productivity increases for your farm.

Being enticed by a cheap price isn’t the only mistake people make when selecting a new shed. Download our free guide 5 Common Mistakes When Buying A Shed to avoid the typical pitfalls of planning, choosing and installing your shed.

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