5 benefits of shed kits for your farm

DATE POSTED: Apr 3, 2017 10:30:00 AM
POSTED BY: Wheatbelt Steel

If you’re thinking about purchasing a new shed, it’s hard to go past the shed kit for versatility and convenience.

From the seemingly unlimited amount of colours, shapes and configurations, to the convenient installation and financial incentives, a new kit shed is a wise investment for any farming business.

If it’s time for an upgrade here are just some of the benefits of investing in a shed kit for your farm:

Additional Storage

Perhaps the most obvious benefit is the additional storage a shed kit offers to your farm.

Farming and agricultural enterprises are big businesses reliant on vast amounts of machinery and equipment to stay operational. Shed kits offer owners the versatility of additional storage space at a location on their property, keeping all of their essential items in one convenient place. Better yet, a new shed kit frees up other parts of your home or property that had previously been used for storage.

Easy Installation

Once your kit has arrived installation teams can be on site as soon as possible, ready to start construction. Many companies contract the installation phase to experienced and knowledgeable contractors who are reliable, fast and safe. It ensures your shed is erected professionally and to your satisfaction.

They’re Completely Customisable

Sheds are no longer a one-size-fits-all solution. In most cases, representatives will meet with you on-site to discuss your specific needs and conduct an inspection. From here you are then provided with a proposal and concept drawings for a shed designed specifically for your needs. This is perfect for farming and agricultural businesses that each have completely different needs and expectations when it comes to storage solutions.

Today’s sheds are designed by teams of qualified draftsmen and engineers who compile a complete set of CAD drawings designed to meet your specific needs. You no longer have to adapt to a shed you’ve bought off the shelf, you can personalise your product to suit your individual requirements.

Protect Machinery and Other Farming Supplies

Farm sheds will also protect your fertilisers, chemicals and other supplies from the weather. This can also include hay stock and feeds that need to be placed in a dry area to avoid the moisture that makes them decay.

Add Value To Your Property And Business

In most cases the natural growth in Australia’s housing market increases the value of properties nationwide. Yet you don’t have to reply solely on the market to increase the value of your property.

Just like a new kitchen or bathroom adds value to a house, a new shed adds immense value to a farming property.

So you want a new shed kit, but not sure which one? Our free guide to Steel vs C-Purlin is a great place to start for anyone wanting to know more about these two common shed materials and which one might be best for them.

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