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DATE POSTED: Feb 28, 2017 1:10:57 PM
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Have you bought new machinery but it doesn't fit in your shed? Farmers across Western Australia have come to us a lot recently with this issue. Machinery is getting bigger and bigger as the years pass but the sheds in which they are being stored are not...

Large machinery has become a part of everyday farm life. As you would know, machinery is not cheap and you need somewhere safe and secure to store it away from external elements.

When designing your farm shed, it is important to take the size of future machinery you may invest in into account.

Some factors to consider during the design stage include:

  • Do you want the ability to drive a hooked up road train into the shed without the hassle of taking off the trailers in order to perform maintenance works?
  • Do you want to have the ability to to work on airseeder bars and sprayers while they are fully operational and under cover, protected from the harsh WA weather?

Previous customers have simply wanted the luxury of complete flexibility when storing and working on their valuable assets.

Another advantage of a large farm shed is they serve as a place to store crops, hay, grains and other perishable goods. Not only that but it will also protect your fertilizer and other chemical from getting wet!

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Why Choose Wheatbelt Steel?

  • Not only do we supply structural steel sheds, but we specialize in the design, manufacture and installation of them.
  • Shed Safe Accreditation is only applicable to manufacturers of cold rolled C-Purlin sheds. Wheatbelt Steel structures, built in structural steel are guaranteed to meet and exceed all regulations.
  • Our structural steel sheds are individually custom engineered and fabricated at our state of the art premises. Our steel structures are fully welded whereas kit sheds are built with cold rolled C-Purlins bolted together, and they are generally pre-packaged and generically pre-engineered kits.


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