How to pay for your hay shed in one season

DATE POSTED: Feb 28, 2017 1:09:26 PM
POSTED BY: Wheatbelt Steel

Each year oaten hay for the domestic and export livestock markets is worth $130 million.

As many farmers can attest, it's essential to be prepared for every type of weather event when it comes to effective hay storage.

Yet, when you look for a solution, it's easy to become distracted away from certain sheds due to the price tag alone, often forgetting to consider how much money could be lost by not having sufficient hay storage to begin with.

By having a structural steel hay shed to store your bales, you are significantly decreasing your loss. Depending on the amount of precipitation, site location and the condition of the hay, we have calculated your hay shed will pay for itself in less than a year.


Well, as an example, the average cost of pristine hay is about $250* a tonne. If it's been damaged due to rain etc and is classed as medium quality hay the price can drop to around $120 a tonne (this is subject to change, of course).

That's a loss of $130* a tonne. If you are storing 1000 tonnes of hay, that is a difference of $130,000 between good quality and rain damaged hay. Talk about a bad day.

Now, to avoid that kind of problem in this instance, you would need a 1000 tonne structural steel shed. Generally, these kinds of sheds, delivered and erected, cost around $110,000 (plus GST).

In a single season your new structural steel shed will have paid for itself, with enough left over to put to other necessities, like fence repairs, or tool maintenance (or a month-long holiday).

Before you're ready to purchase a shed, it's important to know exactly what you need. Farmers, being busy and generally over-worked, can sometimes make minor mistakes which cost plenty in the long run.

To help you avoid these errors, we've compiled the main mistakes we see often. Download the 5 Common Mistakes Guide to make sure that the process of selecting, purchasing and building your shed is pain and error free.

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