3 ways to save money when purchasing your farm shed

DATE POSTED: May 8, 2017 10:30:00 AM
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You need a new farm shed, but you don't have the budget to get the most expensive product on the market. At the same time, you realise that the cheapest option will probably come with additional costs in maintenance and upkeep. How do you find the balance between the two extremes?

The key to success is finding more subtle ways to stay within your budget when buying the structure. For professionals on a budget, here are 3 risk-free ways to save money on buying either a hay shed or general farm shed.

1) Time Savings = Budget Savings

How much is a farmer's time worth? You may not consider it a variable in your farm shed cost calculations, but every day you spend in the planning and execution of this project is a significant opportunity cost. You have less time working on other projects, which might be more directly related to driving revenue for your farm.

On the other hand, you can save a significant amount of time when you allow professionals to manage the entire process. Thus, you will not have to engage in the council approval process, potentially making significant drawing adjustments based on their feedback. Professionals in this industry know exactly what to say to turn the conversation and approval into a quicker process, while also providing the equipment to change drawings quickly when required.

If you don't know what awaits you in the planning process, you could spend significant time (and even purchase additional products) on just getting council approval. Working with professionals, on the other hand, you can cut down on that time and decrease your opportunity cost.

2) The Benefits of Professional Advice

Farmers can get caught out, overspending on add-ons. Unless you are an experienced professional in buying and building farm sheds, it's easy to get caught in the sales process. Companies will look to sell you expensive add-ons and expansions, even if your farm does not necessarily need them for its current or future operations.

It’s easy to add on to a shed later if you purchased the right product from the start. Involve professionals to help you through the process early, which will result in valuable advice that helps you optimise your budget. Thus, you won't catch yourself overspending for a product you don't necessarily need.

3) Future-Proof Your Shed Investment

When buying a shed, plan the entire process with a focus on not just present needs, but future potential. If you only account for your current needs, you might end up with a shed that becomes outdated and needs expanded for new equipment or more hay only a year or two down the road.

These extensions can quickly become costly. For example, increasing the width of an existing shed can be difficult as it affects the structure of the building. Your budget situation likely will not change in just a year or two, so it makes sense to plan as far out as possible during your initial planning phase.

Ideally, plan your farm shed with a 5-year vision. (Read our article 4 Things to Consider When Preparing your Shed Plans.) That includes determining what machinery you might need in the future, and compensating for that potential need early. If you cannot project your future needs, set the shed up to extend during the initial building phrase so you can avoid spending as much money on an expansion as you would for a new shed.

Finding the Right Farm Shed for Your Budget and Needs

Farm shed prices can vary widely, both in terms of price and size. That, in turn, can make it difficult for farmers to choose the right options for their needs. The key is finding ways to save money that go beyond the sticker price of the shed, which tips like the above can accomplish.

Of course, you might need help in buying and building a farm shed that works for you both now and in the future. 

Download our Ultimate Shed Buyers Guide for all the information you need to make a smart investment for your farm.

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