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Horse Arenas

"One can get in a car and see what man has made. One must get on a horse to see what God has made."

Horse Arena & Livestock Shelter Presentation



It is the joy experienced when with horses that brings mankind in contact with the rare elements of grace and beauty with the spirit of freedom. Every horse owner would understand the emotions that riding their loved animals unleashes. The rush of wind through the hair, the galloping across turf and clearing hurdles is activity that brings a bond between a horse and human heart that only one who has experienced it could truly relate to.

The facts are that at times Mother Nature isn’t aligned with carefully laid out horse riding plans and weather conditions can prevent enjoying this loved pastime. Whether it is pouring rain, snow or the harsh hot sun, these all affect the quality of your horse riding experience and the ability to do so.

With a horse arena your riding plans can continue unhindered rain, hail or hot shine as you can continue to ride whenever you want. You can even engage in nightriding sessions with the simple installation of adequate lighting within an arena.

It can only be imagined the frustrations a riding school college faces when full classes have to be cancelled because of being disrupted by weather, not to mention upset pupils who have to miss their lesson. Is proven that horse agistment businesses are more than justified to charge a premium for their services if they can offer an undercover riding facility as part of their value proposition.

Arena buildings can be designed to suit your individual needs, which can range from a straight forward arena cover only to an integrated building of which houses the main arena, seating stands, stables, tack rooms, feed storage areas and kitchen/mess facilities.

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Livestock Shelters

Good cattle handling saves time and effort, and reduces stress for people and animals. Inefficient and rough handling causes financial losses because of bruising, poorer meat quality and lower milk production. Working with cattle may be dangerous, especially in yards, races and dairy sheds where people and cattle are close together.

High risk activities include working with bulls and with cows and newborn calves and safe working practices need to be adhered too at all times.

Temperature, shade and a good supply of clean drinking water for stock is imperative for good cattle handling as working in hot conditions can cause heat stress for cattle and handlers.

Covered yards are a good option to provide a more comfortable and less strenuous environment for both the livestock and handlers with the race and crush areas being the most important places to cover.

Cattle also don’t like being moved from shady areas into direct sunlight so it is a good idea to also incorporate loading ramp facilities within your shade management plan as well.

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