How to Solve your Farm Storage Needs

DATE POSTED: Jun 26, 2017 10:30:00 AM
POSTED BY: Sarah Heaphy

Farm life and work come with storage needs. On a daily basis, you will use a wide array of tools, machinery, grain, fertiliser, hay, and much more. These assets are vital to a functioning farm, and will need to be stored accordingly.

That's what makes structural steel sheds so valuable for your farm. Put simply, they allow you to store all of your tools and assets securely, safely, and over long periods of time. More specifically, here are 5 ways in which a structural steel farm shed can help to solve your farm's storage needs.

1) Storing Your Tools

In Western Australia, farm theft continues to become more common. In order to prevent losing valuable tools that you need for a variety of activities, you need to make sure that you can keep your tools and equipment safely stored and away from potential thieves.

A structural steel shed can accommodate that need. You can find fully enclosed options, which provide significantly more safety than a regular padlock. Sheds from Wheatbelt Steel, for instance, come equipped with secure hinge pins, fasteners, and a variety of other security features that keep your tools safely locked away.

2) Storing Your Large Machinery

The larger your farm, the more large machinery you will need to take care of it. Headers, airseeders, tractors, and trucks are just some of the machinery your farm may need to function and produce revenue. Keeping that machinery undercover helps to protect them from the harsh elements of Western Australia, significantly increasing their lifespan.

Consider, for instance, an open front machinery shed as an option. While providing crucial coverage, you can also work on the equipment (such as an airseeder) itself as it is fully extended. You can even add clear spans and sliding doors at the rear of the shed, which allows for better drive-through access.

3) Storing Your Grains

Better storage options for your grain can make for more revenue from your farm. If you can store it securely, you can sell it during times when grain prices rise. In addition to this storage, a structural steel shed allows you to blend grains and optimize specifications.

Especially when it comes to harvesting season, working quickly is key. With the right shed, you will not need to rely on exterior conditions in order to operate your harvesting outfit. Instead, this grain store facility allows you to continue operate your harvesting outfit in all elements.

4) Storing Your Hay

Any farmer who works with hay knows just how vital the right conditions are. You have to be sure to keep a space of 60cm between each bail, in order to maintain proper air circulation and keep the hay dry. Proper storage can save you thousands of dollars as a result.

Fresh air is key, so hay is often stored in three-sided sheds with the open side facing the wind as weather conditions permit. Our experience in working with large hay producers like Hay Australia and Gilmac has given us the ability to meet and optimize our sheds for maintaining your hay in premium conditions around the year. 

5) A Shelter for Your Livestock

If your farm is home to live stock, you have to make sure it is kept well in order to keep it happy and improve your output. Milk cows, for example, need to avoid heat loading, which causes reduced feed intake along with agitating and panting - resulting in less milk production. Heat stress has long-term implications as well, decreasing your livestock's health and welfare and reducing your return in investment as a result.

A structural steel shelter for your cattle, on the other hand, can counteract that danger. Your livestock will be healthier, less stressed, and easier to handle. As an added benefit, vaccinations, ear tagging, and other necessary processes become more manageable for everyone involved.

When managing your farm, most of your valuable equipment, tools, and output will be outside. Are you prepared for the storage that requires, especially considering the Western Australian climate? Despite its initial investment, a structural steel shed generates a significant return on investment, helping you better run your farm, improving security, and growing your revenue. Read our article 3 Ways to Save Money on your Farm Shed.

To learn more about finding the right shed for your exact needs, contact us today.

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