Your Complete Catalogue and Guide to Wheatbelt Steel's Shearing Sheds

Make wool harvesting more efficient and improve operator safety with Wheatbelt Steel's shearing sheds. 

Efficient sheep shearing operations depend a lot on the design and build of the shearing sheds. Good design of the shed entrance, the holding, filling and catching pens will enable sheep to move efficiently, and reduce labour.

What fit-out requirements do you have? Wheatbelt Steel can design and construct shearing sheds with custom levels, heights, lighting, temperature controls, ventilation, access, yards, etc.

Learn more! Download this guide now to learn about:

  • the options available when it comes to design and installation of shearing sheds

  • standard shearing shed features, levels, heights and fit out types

  • engineering drawings of past shearing shed projects

  • details of optional features such as canopies, tilt panels, door types, crane, insulation, mezzanines, and skylights

  • types of ventilation available for your shearing shed

  • the differences between structural steel and the more common C Purlin steel sheds

  • a case study of how Wheatbelt Steel delivered a quality shearing shed solution for a business just like yours

All The Options You Need

Our sheds are available in any size, and can be designed and built with various options, including access, cantilever canopies, column removal, concrete flooring and panels, various doors and opening types, gutters and downpipes, mezzanines, skylights, and ventilation.

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Download the Wheatbelt Steel Shearing Shed Guide and Catalogue now!