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Your Complete Guide to Wheatbelt Steel's Workshop Sheds: Designs, Features and Options

Everything you need to know about building the perfect productivity-boosting workshop for your farm.

The workshop is the hub of your farming operation. It needs to be both practical and comfortable to use and work in. A well-designed and well-built workshop shed can be very versatile, providing a productive place to work in.

Download this guide and read all about:

  • the options available when it comes to design and installation of workshop sheds

  • standard workshop shed features

  • engineering drawings of past workshop shed projects

  • details of optional features such as canopies, tilt panels, door types, crane, insulation, mezzanines, and skylights

  • types of ventilation available for your workshop shed

  • the differences between structural steel and the more common C Purlin steel sheds

  • a case study of how Wheatbelt Steel delivered a quality workshop shed solution for a WA business

All the options you need

Whatever your needs, Wheatbelt Steel's team of experienced experts can provide innovative insight and well thought out designs as well as quality builds and a whole range of optional extras.

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